Mt. Vernon, IL – Affordable Gas & Electric (AGE) announced today that it has finalized consulting service agreements to represent the residents of over 50 Illinois communities for municipal electricity aggregation in the upcoming March, 2014, primary election.  In April, AGE successfully guided 28 communities to approval of electricity aggregation referendums.  The addition of the March 2014 group brings AGE to over 75 communities under representation.

“Our team has worked very hard to bring lower electricity rates to communities of all sizes.  We are a champion of bulk purchasing power and feel we have built a substantial base of communities that are very attractive to electricity suppliers” said Jeff Haarmann, Managing Partner of Affordable Gas & Electric.

In addition to residential aggregation communities, AGE also partners with and represents 13 Chambers of Commerce in multiple states.  The Chamber of Commerce Bulk Electricity and Natural Gas Buying Group provides the traditional Main St. business owner, who is the core of every Chamber of Commerce, an opportunity to be combined with other businesses to gain economies of scale or critical mass.

“The Chamber programs we coordinate allow business owners to run their businesses, while looking to the Chamber of Commerce for guidance and bulk purchasing power.  Electricity and natural gas are major expense items to every business owner” Haarmann said.  “Business owners take comfort in knowing their affiliation with the chamber of commerce is paying dividends to their bottom line.”