Savings and sustainability, powered by On Site Solar

The video above featuring a very satisfied AGE customer who has recently completed construction of an on site solar system with one of AGE’s trusted solar partners demonstrates our process and highlights the value on site solar can deliver for our clients.

Installing solar on or next to your facility can create a variety of benefits, including operational and tax savings, reduced reliance on the centralized utility grid, and a physical demonstration of your organization’s commitment to sustainability. With federal and many state incentives at record levels, there has never been a better time to consider installing solar.

AGE acts as your representative through the process, from initial education and feasibility analysis all the way through to commissioning of a newly constructed system. We engage with a variety of solar developers to ensure that you receive the best value. With years of experience both developing and assisting clients in evaluating solar applications, let us help you understand what benefits on-site solar can provide to you.

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