The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with Affordable Gas & Electric Company (a Mt. Vernon based licensed energy broker/consultant) is coordinating a bulk purchase of electricity through Ameren Energy Marketing (a licensed retail energy supplier) on behalf of JCCC members who choose to participate in the Open Enrollment.

The free to opt-in program is exclusively offered to JCCC members.  Several “large usage” chamber members have already committed to the bulk purchase which allows smaller business owners the ability to join the program and take advantage of electricity rates that would normally be unavailable to them without this type of aggregation.

“The coordination of a bulk electricity purchase goes to the core of what a chamber of commerce can do for its’ members…promote the well-being of our member’s bottom lines.  We’re excited to work with Affordable Gas & Electric who will help with enrollment of members and facilitate the purchase through Ameren Energy Marketing.  With the support of several key chamber members, we anticipate saving our membership nearly $100,000 on their electricity bills.  Those dollars saved will be re-invested in our local economy” said Brandon Bullard, Executive Director of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber members must elect to participate by enrolling through Affordable Gas & Electric’s website at  Details of the program can be found on their site in addition to the JCCC website.  The enrollment is free, but MUST be completed by OCTOBER 31, 2012.  Pricing will be confirmed on November 12, with individual contracts being issued and executed thereafter.  The new discounted rates for electricity will begin in January, 2013.

For more information or assistance, please get in touch with an Affordable Gas & Electric representative by clicking HERE or contact the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce at 618-242-5725.

To opt your business in to the aggregated pricing pool, click HERE