Dayton, OH – Village officials in Jeffersonville, OH, approved an ordinance to allow the residents of the villages to vote May 6, 2014 to allow their community to enter into negotiations for lower electricity rates.

If approved by the electorate, Affordable Gas & Electric (AGE), the Village’s consulting firm on the matter, will combine the purchasing power of all eligible Fort Recovery, Coldwater and other Ohio communities’ residents and bid the combined electricity and natural gas load with well qualified, national and regional electricity and natural gas suppliers to secure lower, fixed, electricity and natural gas rates.

Hundreds of OH communities have already approved such referendums and have secured electricity and natural gas rates representing savings to residential and small commercial customers of 15-30% annually.  Residents in surrounding communities have already approved similar referendums.  Rates in those communities range from $.053/kwh to $.057/kwh for savings of 30% or more off DPL utility rates.

“We are very pleased to work on behalf of the residents of Jeffersonville”, said Jeff Haarmann, Managing Partner of Affordable Gas & Electric.  “Community officials have provided their constituents with an opportunity to combine their community’s electric and natural gas loads to negotiate lower supply rates.  All the voters have to do now is approve the referendums and lower electricity and natural gas supply rates will be on the way!”

For more information, visit or residents can call (618) 207-3450 with specific questions.  Also, join on Facebook for updates and answers to frequently asked questions.