Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mt. Vernon, IL – Affordable Gas & Electric (AGE), an Illinois Licensed Consultant, announced today that it has finalized consulting service agreements for municipal aggregation of electricity for twenty-five cities, villages and counties, totaling nearly 20,000 households.

On Election Day, April 9, 2013, voters in the communities represented by AGE will be offered the opportunity to approve a ballot referendum allowing for AGE to combine their electricity supply and negotiate with competing electricity suppliers for lower electricity supply rates for the collective residents of each community.

Hundreds of Illinois communities have already approved such referendums and have secured electricity rates representing savings to residential and small commercial customers of greater than 20% annually in most cases.

“We are very pleased to work on behalf of so many of our friends and neighbors in Southern Illinois.”, said Jeff Haarmann, Managing Partner of Affordable Gas & Electric.  “The community leaders we are working with have provided their constituents with an opportunity to combine their community with others to negotiate for lower electricity rates.  All the voters have to do now is vote yes and lower electricity supply rates will be here by summer!”

Communities included in AGE’s aggregation group include:

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  • Ashley
  • Belle Rive
  • Bluford
  • Bonnie
  • Central City
  • Crossville
  • Dix
  • Grayville
  • Ina
[custom_list style=”list-2″]
  • Iuka
  • Jefferson County (unincorporated)
  • Junction City
  • Kinmundy
  • Lawrenceville
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Nashville
  • New Minden
  • Odin

[custom_list style=”list-2″]
  • Okawville
  • Patoka
  • St. Elmo
  • Waltonville
  • Washington County (unincorporated)
  • Watson
  • Woodlawn
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For more information, visit or residents can call (618) 207-3450 with specific questions.  Also, join us on Facebook at for updates and answers to frequently asked questions.