On October 1, 2015, Ameren IL announced rate increases to their default supply rates for customers who have not chosen a competitive supplier.  The October adjustment of around 13% comes on the heels of an approximate 30% rate adjustment just 4 months earlier that took effect in June of this year.  The electricity “price to compare” includes all components of the price of electricity supply, including transmission and other ancillaries.

Rate Zone      Nov 14 – May 15      June 15 – Sept 15      % Increase      Oct 15 – May 16      % Increase
AmerenCIPS      4.598      5.974      29.93%      6.776      13.42%
AmerenCILCO      4.494      5.911      31.53%      6.713      13.57%
AmerenIP      4.574      5.966      30.43%      6.768      13.44%
CIPS & IP Average      4.586      5.97      30.18%      6.772      13.43%


Cities such as Mt. Vernon, Nashville, Lawrenceville and neighboring villages in Jefferson, Washington, Marion and Lawrence Counties, all totaling 58 communities, are part of a coordinated aggregate group of communities represented by Affordable Gas & Electric, a Mt. Vernon, IL based aggregator and broker of electricity and natural gas.  Collectively, the residents of these communities have enjoyed significant discounts to Ameren’s default rates since aggregation was approved by the majority of voters in 2012 and 2013.  That trend looks to continue well into 2107.

AGE Aggregate Groups      Rate      % Discount      Term
City of Mount Vernon      5.400      20.26%      Through Dec 16
Clay City, Du Bois, Gays, Xenia      5.797      14.40%      Through Dec 17
53 Community Aggregate      5.527      18.38%      Through Dec 17


Residents in the collective aggregate of communities have fixed rates that are guaranteed through December of 2016 and for many, those rates are guaranteed through December 2017.  The result is a current discount to Ameren’s default electric supply rates of between 14%-20%.

Affordable Gas & Electric’s (AGE) Managing Partner, Jeff Haarmann, explains “We took an approach early this Spring, based on some invaluable market research, to recommend locking in long-term rates ahead of what we felt was an inevitable spike in Ameren’s supply rates.  The consensus of the Mayors, Council and Village Boards was to secure rates prior to Ameren’s June 1 rate change announcement and to do so for an extended term to protect residents from potential rate adjustments in October 2015, June 2016 and October 2016.  That move is proving to provide residents of our communities with significant savings now and into the upcoming years.”

Upwards of 85% to 90% of all households of these communities are participating in the aggregate electricity rates.  As a result of the discount to Ameren’s rates, it is estimated that for the 12 months from October 2015 to October 2016, over $2.5 million dollars will stay in the combined pockets of the local residents.

There are some residents who are not taking advantage of the “bulk discounted rates”.  Residents can easily determine if they are on the aggregate rates by reviewing the lower section (supply portion) of their current Ameren bills.  Residents should see Constellation (City of Mt. Vernon only) or Homefield Energy (all other communities) and the rates stated above.  If so, residents are already enjoying the benefits of the lower rates.  If residents are seeing multiple lines of charges from Ameren or seeing a supplier other than Constellation or Homefield with a higher rate, residents can call AGE at 618-203-8328 for assistance on enrolling with the citywide or village-wide rates.