Date:  September 28, 2021
From:  Jeff Haarmann, Anna Baluyot, Managing Partners of Southern Illinois Aggregation Partnership (SIAP)
Contact:  Jeff Haarmann (618) 204-0115


Ameren announced their new default energy supply rates for residential customers beginning October 1, 2021.  The newly published rate including all components will be 5.4 cents per kWh.  The change is a 17% increase over previous non-summer rates.  Residential Ameren customers who participate in most community’s residential electric aggregation rates will not only be protected from the increase in supply rates but will see nearly 20% in savings over the Ameren default rates.

For most Southern Illinois communities, residents approved electric aggregation programs to negotiate bulk electricity rates several years ago.  Residential aggregation programs have proven to be the most reliable means of stability and rate protection offering significant savings over the life of the program.  The Southern Illinois Aggregation Program rate of 4.391 cents per kWh represents savings of roughly 20% compared to Ameren’s newly announced rate of 5.4 cents per kWh

Jeff Haarmann, one of the Managing Partners of the Southern Illinois Aggregation Partnership (SIAP) said “We are very pleased that our strategy and timing of locking in rates for our aggregation programs has delivered significant savings for residents in nearly a hundred Southern Illinois communities.  We are in a period of sharply rising energy markets, yet for the next couple of years, we have positioned our residents participating in their community’s aggregation to be protected from seeing those increases.”  Haarmann added “We are continuing to navigate Illinois’ new energy legislation and will review options to take advantage of the State’s new clean energy policy incentives.  Our goal is to incorporate some of the green energy incentives in our bulk energy negotiations so residents don’t have to go at it alone to take advantage of solar incentives.”

To confirm you are enrolled in your community’s aggregation rates you can view the “Energy Supply” section on your Ameren bill.  There, you should see Homefield Energy listed as your energy supplier and confirm a rate of 4.391 per kWh.  For those currently on another competitive supply rate and wishing to switch to the residential aggregation rate, contact Homefield Energy at 866-694-1262 and ask to be enrolled in your community’s aggregation program.